It tastes better than it looks

  • 06, 28, 2020
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Oral jelly has been a part of our daily lives for quite some time now and we have experienced almost everything that can be experienced. There are many flavors to choose from and a man always finds the one that tastes the best for him. It’s like choosing which candy to buy, except you are above eighteen and you want this candy to cause you a massive erection that you will please your beloved partner with and make them your sex slave – quite a different ending to otherwise sweet story right? And no it’s not only chocolate.

Different flavors of the jelly

You might be wondering what flavors this jelly will have – it’s an erectile pill in a jelly form for god’s sake, who cares how does it taste? Well, for your information, almost everybody. If we could choose between a pill and a jelly, we would be in a dead end, since jelly not only does taste good, it is even faster than a pill and it does a great job of being digested straight away. The effect is also better since it will go straight to your penis through your blood stream. Being balls deep isn’t a dream that far away now, is it?

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