There is no magic

  • 05, 25, 2020
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You should forget about all the rumors you might have heard about erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra during your life. Many people spread false rumors even though they have never even used one of these pills. Levitra is not a magic or aphrodisiac. You will never feel more „lustful “after this drug, you will never get aroused just by taking the pill and you will never be more „ferocious “in bed. These are your responsibilities. There is no „instant erection “– many men believe that once you take the erectile pill, you will be having a massive and non-stopping erection in 5 minutes. You always need to be sexually stimulated for the pill to work. You always need an amount of arousal for erection and drug to be effective. An erection that last longer than 4 hours might be a problem and you should always go and see your doctor immediately since you might be having troubles.

You need to be patient

It won’t cure erectile dysfunction after the first time. Some men see the results in a day, some need to wait a little. You might even increase or decrease the dose if you need to.

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